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 “Discover How A Frog, a Dead Guy, a Movie Star and a Circus Performer Helped Me Pack on 52 Pounds Of Muscle, Melt Body Fat and Attention Grabbing Body…

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Dear Friend and Isometric Exercise Fan,

Sandow-205x300.jpgAre you wondering if there is a FASTER way to get a RIPPED and MUSCULAR body without having to spend hours in the gym… swallowing a boatload of supplements OR injecting yourself with DANGEROUS Steroids?

The old time strongman and Bodybuilder you see to the right… died more than 88 years ago.

But the SECRETS that he and his fellow STRONGMEN discovered… is what’s responsible for building their INCREDIBLY muscular and ripped physiques … before STEROIDS and the AGE of supplements!

They were able to achieve incredible strength gains using what has now become… SECRET muscle building techniques and diet techniques.

I discovered these SECRETS and the results I was able to achieve using them astonished me and will AMAZE you!

My name is Frank Sherrill and I’m certainly not a Professional Bodybuilder… I’m just a regular guy who wanted greater strength, muscle size and to get rid of my FAT belly.

If you are an AVERAGE guy or gal … then my story will amaze you…

Not That long Ago I Was
Ready To Quit & Throw In The Towel…

You see I had been lifting weights for years and had achieved at best…  mediocre results. Yeah, I was one of those guys that would record every workout and every morsel of food that went into my body. I bought every muscle building magazine and I even went to bodybuilding shows.

I was willing to do just about anything to achieve a bigger and more muscular body. But no matter how hard I trained…no matter how careful I was with my diet…

I Was Still Too Embarrassed to Take off My Shirt!

Despite all the time spent at the gym and all those protein shakes that I consumed… I was still way too skinny and still had a little potbelly. You guessed it… I was what you would call “SKINNY FAT.”

I just couldn’t figure out how to get bigger and stronger. Yet a lot of the other guys at the gym were getting bigger and stronger. But I couldn’t make any significant gains in size or strength even though I was working out twice as hard and going to the gym 5 to 6 days per week.

That’s When I Saw the Pills and the Needles Sticking Out Of His Gym Bag…

Because I worked retail hours I couldn’t get to the gym until late at night.

This had its advantages because there were fewer people there that could see the puny amount of weight that I used to bench. As I was getting ready to leave one day… it was around 11 PM and I thought I finally had figured everything out. I walked into the locker room and there was this really big guy packing up his stuff getting ready to leave.

As soon as he saw me he scrambled and shoved everything into his gym bag. He didn’t notice the syringe that was sticking out and visible but I did!

It Seems All My Gym Buddies Were Lying to Me and Were Secretly Using Steroids!

But using steroids isn’t limited to just to some of the guys in the gym.

Many of today’s top Hollywood celebrities are using and have used steroids to help them get into shape for their movie roles.

For example, have you heard about “Lou Ferrigno, the Incredible Hulk?”LFerrigno0078

Even Ed Norton has admitted to using illegal steroids to bulk up for movie role! How about Sylvester Stallone? Yeah, he was busted in Australia for carrying “Human Growth Hormone.”

How about all the baseball players that have recently admitted to using “illegal steroids” to help them muscle up.Sylvester Stallone

Sadly, steroid use is just too prevalent today.

The celebrities and players just don’t take into consideration the long-term side effects of using steroids. Well, steroids are not for me!

I knew there must be a way to get the physique I wanted without having to resort to using steroids.

That’s When I Discovered a 116-year-old Secret Method…

I didn’t know who to trust anymore so, I started researching old-time strongmen and bodybuilders. You know, the ones who achieved spectacular muscularity and strength way before steroids were ever invented in the 1960’s.

Now here’s the thing, after doing countless hours of research, and reading every old time strongman’s bodybuilding course I could get my hands on I realized that everything that I had ever heard about burning body fat and building muscle was absolutely 100 percent…

Completely False!

So get this, by now I’m sure you’ve heard from personal trainers and bodybuilding magazines that you should eat 5 to 6 small meals consisting of mostly chicken breasts, baked potatoes or Brown Rice… Right?

Or if you watch enough infomercials as I have you probably got the idea that you should do as many abdominal exercises as possible or use ab gizmos to help you get a great set of six pack abs?

They Have Lied to Us!

You see, these old-time strongmen and bodybuilders would today be called drug-free.

And in my research, I discovered that they NEVER  performed any crunches or cardiovascular training.

Mind you now, these individuals had incredible abdominal development with rock solid six pack abs to show for their efforts. And in all my research I discovered that none of them built their bodies by eating chicken 5 or 6 times a day!

Yet these same guys were considered the top bodybuilders of their day and I would say they could outperform any of today’s bodybuilders.

You don’t have to believe me, take a look at their pictures below!

Each one of these old-time bodybuilders and strongmen built their incredible bodies 30 to 40 years before steroids were even invented! So, you can be certain that their workout routines and techniques will work for any drug-free guy like you and me.

Here’s Just A Few of the Old-Time Strongmen Photographs That I Discovered in My Research…

old-time strongmen

These guys were able to develop lean and muscular bodies years before steroids were invented.

These old-time strongmen were able to develop your physiques using a combination of isometrics and body-weight exercises. When I realized that using free weights was not  necessary to develop a world-class symmetrical body – I started researching everything I could about isometric exercise.


It was then that I discovered that isometrics was one of the few exercise protocols that was “Scientifically Validated.” Research had been performed at the Max Planck Institute in Germany – on frogs – and the results proved to be spectacular.

In one study alone – one of the legs of the frog was bound so that he could not move. The frog would struggle against the restraint but unfortunately to no avail.

What occurred next shocked the researchers.

The frogs leg that had been bound… actually became stronger and the muscles became bigger from the frog pushing against the resistance.

In fact, the frog’s strength increased by… over 300%.

The Father Of Isometrics

So after this discovery I kept digging.alexander-zass-isometrics

But what I discovered next was that many of these old-time strongmen in particular a circus performer by the name of Alexander Zass – had been able to develop incredible strength and muscularity by using an isometric exercise device that he had created.

He had taken a set of chains and used it to perform isometric contractions.

In fact, Alexander Zass was considered to be one of the strongest and most muscular men of his age.

He was one of the first individuals that spoke about the concept of creating “Tendon Strength.” In his book… “Samson Systems and Methods” he expounded on the idea that in order to be truly strong your tendons — must be as strong or stronger than your muscles.

That’s what probably lead to his development of isometric exercise.

He concluded that in order to become strong you must develop your connective tissues — the tendons — before concentrating on strengthening the muscle fibers.

The Movie Star 

As I kept digging for more information about isometric exercise I discovered that other famous old-time strongmen have used it. Everyone knows about Charles Atlas and his use of isometrics. But I wondered was there anybody in more recent history that had utilized isometrics to build a muscular and ripped body?

The answer surprised me and will probably shock you!

Enter the Dragon


Bruce Lee was his name.

Bruce Lee isometric exercise

In my research I discovered that the famous martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee was a big advocate of isometric exercise.

In fact, after injuring himself lifting weights – he abandoned free weights altogether – and began a program of using isometrics and body-weight exercises to build his incredible physique.

That is until he found a unique piece of isometric exercise equipment called the – TENSOLATOR.

He began to use the Tensolator to strengthen himself and to increase his speed. Bruce felt that having muscles just for the sake of showing them off – was foolish.

He believed in “Functional Strength.”

Bruce was almost fanatical about his training program and he recorded every single piece of equipment and every exercise that he performed. In my research I discovered an old manuscript that contained his exact strength training program using the Tensolator.

Since this device was no longer being manufactured – I decided to have one created (with some major improvements) and began using it in my training program.

The Birth Of The Bully Xtreme (Tensolator)

I focused on improving the Tensolator i.e. Bully Xtreme by changing the cloth or fabric straps to steel cables.

I increased the resistance so that it would provide an adequate workout for the back and legs – the bigger muscles of the body. This way I reasoned… the redesigned Tensolator could provide a complete and total body workout.

It can provide enough resistance to work out every major and minor muscle group.

I also focused on updating the training program based on what I had learned from Alexander Zass and Bruce Lee’s workout logs.Bruce Lee isometric exercise

When I started applying some of the tricks, tips and techniques that I discovered from these old-time drug-free strongmen along with the Bully Xtreme (Tensolator) , my body literally transformed almost overnight.

By using their techniques and exercises I was able to add slabs of muscle by working out less but concentrating on some of the key… almost forgotten exercises that these guys used in their workouts.

And to boot, I ended up with a ripped six-pack abs stomach without having to do any cardio, sit-ups or even crunches.

You see, for years I hated the way I looked physically. Today, because of using some of these old-time strongman muscle building secrets, I’ve been able to develop a lean, strong and well-developed body.

And the crazy thing is… as I mentioned before… I didn’t do one sit up, or ab crunch to get this ripped and muscular body.

After I discovered these old-time strongmen bodybuilding secrets, and started to apply them my progress came really fast.

My girlfriend, family members and friends began to notice the changes in my body and began asking me questions on how I did it. Even some of those “Steroid Using Friends” at the gym took notice and asked me “What I Was on.”

So, I decided to make the Bully Xtreme (Tensolator) available to others.

The Bully Xtreme Offers You These Exciting Benefits:

Bully Extreme

Bully Xtreme Shown with Optional CD

  • Super Maximum Resistance: In one easy to use muscle building piece of equipment. Bully Xtreme gives you resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights, and without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights.The correct size and ergonomic design of the Bully Xtreme 4 allows you to have variety in your training by offering you more than 82 health club type exercises.
  • Quickly Melt Inches From Your Waistline: Whether you want to tone your abdominals, strengthen your core or melt inches from your waistline, you'll absolutely love the results you'll achieve with the Bully Xtreme 4.
  • An Easy, Comfortable Workout: The Bully Xtreme 4 exercises can be performed comfortably while sitting at your desk, in front of the TV or on your couch. The gentle movements increase your muscle size and strength every time you work out. And with 3 simple levels of training, the Bully Xtreme 4 is perfect for beginners and pros alike.
  • Strongest Steel Cables: They are sealed at 25 tons of pressure making them virtually "unbreakable" and covered with a thick comfortable plastic that won't "cut" into your hands while working out.
  • More Than 82 Amazing Muscle Pumping Health Club Type Exercises: Gaining incredible strength and muscle mass is no longer a problem! Turn any corner into a health club. The Bully Xtreme 4 targets every muscle group. Only 7 magical exercises... that require only 70 seconds are needed for quick, easy and guaranteed results.
  • Extremely Simple and Portable... You Can Take It Anywhere: It weighs less than 5 Lbs. Saves you tons of time and money! No driving to and from the gym, no long lines to wait. Just take it to work, on vacation anywhere and get the most incredible workout of your life. No more excuses! Workouts are now fun, quick and easy.
  • Comfortable High Density Handles: No need for workout gloves. These handles were designed with your comfort in mind.
  • Unbelievable Lifetime Warranty: The Bully Xtreme 4 Home Gym is precisely manufactured under the highest quality control measures and then tested 4 separate times to guarantee quality and durability. We are so confident about the construction of the Bully Xtreme 4 Home Gym that we warranty it for the life of the original purchaser.That's right, should the Bully Xtreme suffer a "mechanical malfunction," just simply return it and will replace it -- absolutely at no charge. You only pay a small shipping and handling fee. That's it -- it's that simple!
  • Men, Women and Senior Citizens: With this easy to use step-by-step training program, anyone, any age can get a complete muscle toning, muscle crunching workout in just 21 minutes per week!
  • And you get a brand new and "revolutionary" muscle building, fat sucking training program that will knock the fat right off of your problem areas!



I began to write down all the tricks and strategies of those drug-free old-time bodybuilder (and Bruce Lee) that I’ve discovered about building muscle mass, getting a ripped body and building a symmetrical or classic body.( this book is now available for FREE with the purchase of the Bully Xtreme.)

And I created a brand-new and revolutionary training program that could be used with Bully Xtreme Tensolator exerciser.

I called this training program… Iso-Synergy.

Bully Xtreme training manual

The program utilizes many of today’s most effective exercise protocols… you know the ones that really put on the muscle. Protocols like…

  • Muscle Confusion
  • Periodization
  • Supersets
  • Drop Sets
  • Pyramids
  • And many others.

I poured out everything, all the shortcuts and “closely guarded secrets” from… Natural Bodybuilders, Power Lifters, Old-Time Strongman Training routines, all the latest knowledge about Isometrics, Isotonic’s, Static Contraction, Max Contraction Principles, Dynamic Tension and Bruce Lee’s “Secret” Tensolator training program… into the Revolutionary Bully Xtreme training program.

Along with all the latest knowledge, tips, tricks and “Insider Secrets” from top Bodybuilders and Fitness Models. You’ll get… the most effective strength gaining, fat burning, stomach chiseling, kick butt and take no names training system and home gym ever developed.

I titled my book “Muscle Building Secrets of Old-Time Strongmen.”

muscle building secrets of old-time strongmen

(Retail Value… $39.99… Yours FREE with the purchase of the Bully Xtreme home gym)

Let me give you a quick peek into what’s inside this treasure chest of muscle building tips, tricks and techniques…

  • Learn how to build the powerful, rock-hard muscular body you’ve always wanted, regardless of your body type—even the most stubborn of hard-gainers.
  • Discover why the supplements you’re taking aren’t doing anything to help you build muscle or shed fat—and what you need to be doing instead.
  • A verified “lazy way” to quickly lose up to 15 pounds of body fat and easily gain 4 pounds of muscle in only 10 days! (YES, with what you will discover… you can build muscle and burn fat same time!)
  • How to gain more muscle size by skipping meals.
  • How to boost your testosterone levels by doing this ONE thing in the shower (nope… It’s not what you think.)
  • One thing you can do before you go to bed at night that actually helps you burn body fat as you sleep.
  • Mental Magic… A simple mind trick that can help you make yourself 15% stronger – almost instantly!
  • How to finally get ripped six pack abs without doing PENNY cardio or crunches.
  • Why certain household products that you commonly use – may be the culprit behind your inability to gain muscle size.
  • A step-by-step proven training program that can give you a symmetrical body in under 2.5 hours per week.
  • How alcohol can actually SPEED UP your fat loss results. (If you’ve given up on drinking booze because you want ripped abs… Then you’ll definitely want to read this chapter and discover how to drink and still have abs.)[/red_tick_list]

You see, it doesn’t matter how out of shape you are. 

Whether you need to lose 90 pounds of body fat, or if you’re already a lean, mean in shape Marine that wants to pack on 30 or more pounds of muscle.

This book can give you a muscular and lean physique in just weeks.

However, Let Me Warn You up Front…

Perhaps, you’re like me and have tried just about everything under the sun in the hopes of building a muscular body and burning off the excess body fat. Perhaps, you’ve even tried other workout and diet plans but have found nothing that works!

So let’s be completely honest here…

Let me fill you in on what you can ABSOLUTELY and REALISTICALLY achieve using this training system.

Guarantee #1: If you will use my training system along with the Bully Xtreme Tensolator exerciser…you will get a lean and muscular physique or what I call a “Classic Symmetrical Physique.”

Guarantee #2: The undeniable truth is that you will find this system absolutely easy to follow. Everything is broken down step-by-step and complete instructions are provided. You’ll find that you don’t have to work out 6 times a week; you won’t have to keep track of your protein or calorie intake, and amazingly enough you’ll still be able to enjoy drinking your favorite beer or other alcoholic beverages and still get six pack abs.

But let me throw in a little warning here…

If your objective is to look like a “Steroid Pumped up Bodybuilder” then this system CANNOT help you at all! For you to get that type of body you’ll need to spend $5-$10,000 a month for steroids and you’ll need perfect genetics to boot. This is not my cup of tea but if it’s yours then you definitely should NOT invest in this system.

Now, after having completed multiple phases using this old-time strongman secrets training system and nutrition program I can safely tell you that you will need to prepare yourself for 2 things to happen to you when you complete the program.

1. Your male friends and even guys you’ve never met before – will start treating you with a greater deal of respect. If I were to guess this is probably because a guy that is strong and muscular will subconsciously communicate to other men that you are a person not to be messed with.

You see, in my experience a guy wearing a suit usually gets treated differently in fact much better than a guy wearing sweatpants. Unless of course the guy wearing sweatpants has a lean and muscular body that commands even more attention and respect. Just about anybody can buy a suit these days but, very few men have that rugged muscularity and lean physique that commands attention and makes you stand out from others in the crowd.

2. Your female friends and of course women that you’ve never met before, will also begin treating you differently once you developed the muscularity and classical physique that this program will give you. If you’ve done any reading you probably know that women are genetically programmed to be attracted to men of strength and power.

They automatically seek out men that can protect them and provide for them. Because you will be a lean and muscular individual you will project a look of radiant health and strength. And get this, that’s exactly what a woman’s unconscious programming directs her to be attracted too. She wants a healthy and strong man! It’s the same phenomenon that makes us men attracted to women with small waists and a big bust.

If you’re a single guy then my advice to you is – go for it!

On the other hand, if you’re in a committed relationship or perhaps are married – get ready for an increased amount of attention and sex from your spouse, girlfriend or significant other!

Now that I’ve warned you about what to expect let me fill you in on a few of the “Mind Blowing Bonuses” that you’ll get when you get this “Bully Xtreme Tensolator exerciser and the Old-Time Strongman Classic Physique System.”

Plus You Get the Bonus Report “Getting Ripped Six Pack Abs without Cardio, Crunches or Situps” Absolutely FREE!


Inside this special FREE report, you’ll discover how to get ripped abs (a flat belly) without doing any crunches, situps or spending hours doing cardio. I get goose pimples just thinking about this part.

You see, you can NOW have ripped six pack abs without the drudgery of the treadmill or sweating on the floor from doing endless situps or crutches.

But this report is yours absolutely FREE only if you order right now!

“You’ll Get the The Bully Xtreme (Tensolator) Exerciser, along with a Full Color Wall Chart That Illustrates More Than 40 Exercises, the Bully Xtreme Training Manual, and the Best-Selling Book “Muscle Building Secrets of Old-Time Strongmen” As Well As the Free Bonus Reports for Just One Payment of $29.99!” (CYBERMONDAY ORICE!)

Oh and I Almost Forgot to Tell You about the Best Part…

You Can Try This Entire System for FREE!

I want to try my system for 4 full months (that’s 120 days.) Follow the easy and simple exercises and nutritional tweaks. Use the Bully Xtreme exerciser for fast and fun workouts at your home, office or just about anywhere. And monitor your progress for 30 days.



Try the Bully Xtreme Tensolator workout system. Put it to the test. If you don’t absolutely love the way you look and feel then I INSIST that you email or call us for a full refund of the purchase price. If you are not 100% satisfied with the results, then you get every cent of your money back, no hassles, no hoops, no questions.

That’s my promise to you!
On the 30th day, take your shirt off, stand in front of the mirror and if you just don’t absolute love what you see, if you don’t love seeing how fast your body fat is melting away and you lean muscle is the impact on your body then, just contact me and I’ll give you every cent of your money back. (minus shipping and handling)

But you get to keep the training manual and all the special reports and bonuses – as my way of saying thank you for trying out the Bully Xtreme Tensolator exercise system.

To be honest with you I am absolutely 100% confident that you’re going to love how fast your body will change right from your eyes. But if for some unknown or crazy reason you decide to ask for a refund, I will give you ever send your money back – NO questions asked!

And just in case you can’t start right away – you have 120 days to decide – and if you decide it’s just not for you… I’ll still give you a full refund of the purchase price.

Let Me Give You a Glance into Your Future…

Listen up… If you get the Bully Xtreme Tensolator workout system today then in 30 days from now you can have a more muscular and leaner physique. You’ll be proud and happy of the way you look… when you take off your shirt.

On the other hand, if you do nothing today… then 30 days from now you’ll probably look exactly the way you look today or perhaps a little heavier and more out of shape.

The next 30 days are going to wiz by no matter what you do. But if you get started with the Bully Xtreme Tensolator workout system today… You can be on your way to a muscular, lean and attention grabbing hard as a rock symmetrical body in just 30 days.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I can’t wait to hear and see pictures of your success!

  • The Bully Xtreme Tensolator Workout Machine (this will be shipped to you via United States Postal Service-Priority Mail)
  • The full color Bully Xtreme wall chart that illustrates more than 40 health club quality type exercises (this will be shipped with your Bully Xtreme Tensolator Workout Machine.)
  • Immediate online access to the manual “Bully Xtreme Training Program”
  • Immediate online access to the book “Muscle Building Secrets Of Old-Time Strongmen”
  • Immediate access to the “Bully Xtreme Owners Forum”
  • Immediate access to the online “Bully Xtreme Video Training Library”


Just One Payment Of… ONLY …$69.99


Your Friend and Coach,