Daniel Craig Bond Workout

Secrets Of The Daniel Craig Bond Workout

The Daniel Craig Bond workout is designed to develop strength and muscle endurance, and not necessarily size and bulk.

While this type of training will not make you the biggest guy on the beach, it will develop a lean, ripped to the bone, muscular body. Which, I’m sure we can all agree, is the look that most of us are striving for.

daniel craig bond workout

Build a ripped and muscular physique with the Daniel Craig bond workout!

As you may know, most bodybuilders when they get on stage have dieted hard in order to get to the lowest body fat percentage.

The leaner, you are, the more muscular you appear!

Daniel Craig was almost immediately eliminated from getting the part of James Bond in Casino Royale. He was considered a bland, blonde-haired person and interestingly enough, not a stud but a dud!

One look at his performance in Casino Royale is enough to tell anyone that he was completely misjudged. It’s apparent to anyone, that not only did he take his acting seriously but also his physical conditioning. And of course, that’s where the Daniel Craig Bond workout that was created by his personal trainer, comes in.

That Is Where the Daniel Craig Bond Workout Comes in

With his latest film soon to be released, titled Quantum of Solace, fans of James Bond are eagerly awaiting to see what more Craig can bring to the table. One thing is for certain, we will all be seeing a leaner, ripped, muscular physique than he brought to the screen in Casino Royale.

Despite Daniel Craig’s injuries while filming Quantum of Solace, he is sure to bring a stellar performance.

Here are the top three exercises in the Daniel Craig Bond Workout:

  1. Pull-ups
  2. Push-ups
  3. Situps

Sounds basic enough, well, you do not need to weight train in order to get in shape.

Daniel Craig Bond Workout and Bodybuilding

For years, Navy Seals and Special Forces Teams have known that. Now don’t go off selling your weights or resistance bands just now. They do have a place in your workout program.

Most Special Forces training revolves around developing muscular strength and muscular endurance and places no emphasis on muscular size and muscular bulk. Therefore, the training is designed to develop maximal strength and endurance. Why you might ask?

Well, most bodybuilder’s workouts emphasize muscular size and appearance over muscular power. There is a huge difference in training to be an Olympic class power lifter and a Mr. Olympia bodybuilder. The key to building muscle is progressive resistance.

These are the three most important factors in building strength and muscle.

  • Physical Training (PT)
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

Well, there you have all the Secrets of the Daniel Craig Bond Workout, now it’s up to you to try them out.