Isometric Exercises – Best Isometric Exercises


Isometrics has been around for centuries. In fact, the martial arts, yoga and Pilates are based on isometric exercises.

No wonder then that isometric exercise equipment has become so popular. The major advantage of isometric equipment is that it allows you to perform more exercises than freehand ISO’s. In addition, it also allows you to measure your strength gains.isometric-exercises

Ever since John little and Peter Sisco popularized static contraction training which is really isometric contraction training, more and more bodybuilders have begun using isometric exercise equipment to turbocharge their strength training workouts.

But, do you really need isometric exercisers to perform isometric strength training and to get maximum results? Read this article and discover the answer!

Isometric Exercise Equipment – What Is It?


It seems many people are not familiar with isometrics exercisers but, the idea of using chains, straps, resistance bands, Tensolator’s, free weights and other types of exercise equipment to perform Iso’s (isometrics is also referred to as iso’s or iso) has been around for years.

If you were to search online for the training routines of the old-time strongman you might run across, Alexander Zass… who is considered to be the father of modern-day isometrics.

Alexander Zass Father Of Isometrics


Zass, constructed chains to use in his iso-workouts. Bruce Lee, the actor and martial artists used iso-exercise-equipment as part of his workouts. He used the isometric power rack and the Tensolator to ramp up his strength training workouts and speed.

Many famous martial artists and bodybuilders have used isometrics exercisers. Most notably, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce lee . Here’s what Arnold had a say about iso-tension… “In fact, I don’t think you can win a championship without practicing iso-tension….It isn’t enough to have big muscles, you have to be able to control them as well….” this quote appeared in his book “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding.”


Besides the Alexander Zass’s use of chains, Bob Hoffman of New York barbell company back in the 50s created the isometrics power rack. This was probably the first time that free weights were used with iso’s. Some say that the results were due to the fact that some of the Olympic power-lifters that were using Mr. Hoffman’s training program… were found to have been using anabolic steroids. Particularly, a very potent one called Dianabol.


The one factor that some of the skeptics of isometric exercise equipment had failed to note is that steroids alone will not cause you to gain strength and muscle size.

You must workout. Since these individuals were using a strict isometric training program and they achieved spectacular increases in strength and muscle size… it is obvious that the isometric exercise equipment they used in their workout program was a significant factor in their muscle building gains.

In conclusion, the application of an isometric exerciser or isometrics exercise equipment will dramatically increase your strength gains and muscle growth and that my friends is a proven fact!