How Did Hugh Jackman Get in Shape for Wolverine

How did Hugh Jackman get in shape for Wolverine is a question that’s been buzzing around the Internet. Read this article and discover the secrets of the Wolverine workout.

Hugh Jackman Wolverine X-Men's origin

More and more of today’s top celebrities have to train like bodybuilders just to do a simple movie.

Such is the case with the new X-Men origins Wolverine film that was released this week.

In it, Hugh Jackman plays the role of Wolverine and since this particular film focuses on how Wolverine became Wolverine, Jackman was asked to put on 20 pounds of rock hard muscle to his already impressive build.

Read this article and learn about Hugh Jackman’s training program for X-Men origins Wolverine.

For this film, Hugh Jackman went back to his old friend and celebrity personal trainer, Michael Ryan to help him get ready for his most demanding role. The training started 12 months out; Ryan did not give his old friend any breaks.

Hugh Jackman’s Training Routine

Jackman trained with very heavy weights for this program. He ate 5 to 6 times a week. Jackman recently commented that he lived on steamed chicken and vegetables for almost an entire year!

The training program was broken down to two phases. In phase 1, a quick tempo to the workout was established. In phase, 2 heavy weights were used in order to get Jackman stronger.

In both phases, compound movements were used. The typical bench press, squats, deadlifts, and presses.

Jackman’s cardio was mostly running utilizing a high-intensity interval training format. Ryan had Jackman change the exercises and applied the muscle confusion principle. Jackman utilized creatine as well as protein shakes made from high quality whey protein isolates.

One look at Hugh Jackman in this recent film and you know that his training program was effective in producing a more massive physique than what he has had before.

Hugh Jackman Diet

The Hugh Jackman diet was basically a typical bodybuilders diet during competition. It focused heavily on protein and very low cards.

Protein shakes were utilized to maintain a high level of protein in the body to make sure that the muscles had the proper nutrients in order to grow. His personal trainer as well as many others understand that nutrition is responsible for up to to 90% of the success of any training program.

His diet consisted mostly of lean chicken breasts, Turkey, 90% or higher lean beef, fish, vegetables, and some fruit.

Brown rice, yams, and baked potatoes were major part of his carbohydrate intake.

The diet was set up so that he would consume 4 to 5 meals per day.