Isometric Exercise Equipment – Are You Looking for the Best Isometric Exercise Equipment

If you are looking to purchase the best isometric exercise equipment then please read this article carefully.

Because I will reveal the top five things you need to have in your isometric equipment in order for you to get the results you really want.

5 Top Things to Look for When Purchasing Isometric Exercise Equipment

1. An Up-To-Date Training Program – Let’s face it, you could have the most expensive and the finest exercise equipment in the world but without a proper training program and nutritional diet you will get zero results!

That’s not me saying that — it’s every nutritional expert, medical researcher or fitness guru. In this one thing they all agree… which is rare.

For example, the old Tensolator (which is currently called the Bullworker X5) still gives you a training program that was created in the 1960s and 70s.

Wow, it’s 2009 when I am writing this — it’s anywhere between 49 to 39 years old!

Right now you should be thinking… “There have been a lot of advances in nutritional science and exercise physiology that have not been incorporated into the old or current Bullworker training program.”

If you are thinking that way you are … 100% correct!

And to make matters worse the new ISO7X is promoting training every day also. Geez!

2. A Solid Nutritional Program – Look doing an isometric workout is just not enough you must get adequate rest and eat the proper foods. Here is where most exercise programs fail.

They don’t provide you with any nutritional program or supplement recommendations. Just like your car will not run properly with the wrong fuel — your body will not grow muscle without the right foods.

3. Coaching and Workout Customization – Many exercise programs set up a one-size-fits-all training program. According to research performed at UCLA most people that go on diets end up regaining the weight.

In fact, most individuals that start a workout program usually quit within the first three weeks. (I’ve often asked myself — why is that.)

The answer is simple… most of us rarely keep the promises that we make to ourselves. However, we almost always fulfill the promises that we make to others. Because we don’t want to look bad. And that’s where having someone to be responsible too — will keep you on course to reach your fitness goals.

So what am I saying here?

What we all want is just not good isometric exercise equipment… what we should want… is a complete system to help us achieve our fitness or bodybuilding goals.

Let’s face it — we just want results!

4. Fantastic Warranty – Why is the warranty important? Simply because you don’t want to buy a product that after the money back guarantee has expired — doesn’t work. The three most popular isometrics equipment are — Bully Xtreme, Bullworker X5, and ISO 7X.

Warranties by Product Type

(as of today’s date October 24, 2009)

Bully Xtreme – Lifetime Defects Warranty

Bullworker X5 – 5 Years

Bullworker Steel Bow – 5 Years

Bullworker Bow Classic – 5 Years

ISO7X – No Warranty

5. Variety Of Exercises – In whatever isometric exercise equipment you choose you want to have the greatest number of possible exercises that you can perform.

Performing the same exercises over and over again leads to boredom.

And we all know what happens when we get bored — we quit working out! Many of the exercisers today such as the Bullworker, and ISO7X will allow you to perform only 40 exercises.

The Bully Xtreme stands head and shoulders above the rest by offering you the ability to perform more than 80 health club quality type exercises.

In reading this article you may believe that I am biased.

And that is certainly the case. Currently, we have a bunch of copycat products such as the Bullworker bow classic — which is essentially a two tube system with handles. It does not allow you when you are performing exercises with sets and repetitions (isotonics) to workout each side of the body independently.

In other words, the advantage of a three tube system (and this is probably why Gert F Kolbel created the Bullworker X5) is that it allows each side of the body to workout independently — just like a set of dumbbells or resistance bands.

For example, you can set the power ring on both sides of the power meter(with the Bully Xtreme.)

Then while you’re doing the exercise (compression exercises) you can measure and monitor the strength level of each side of your body. This is unique to the Bully Xtreme and will allow you to build a symmetrical body.

In conclusion… whatever isometric exercise equipment you choose — the most important thing is to workout properly and avoid making the mistakes that lead to “Bullworker elbow” or other tendon injuries.

Both the Bullworker and the ISO7X training program (currently) advocate a system of working out that may cause these problems.

That’s not my opinion… many people have complained about elbow soreness after following the Bullworker training system. So you judge for yourself!