Isometric TV Exercise Equipment

Isometric TV Exercise Equipment – ISO7X or Bullworker

isometric tv exercise equipment iso7x bullworker

ISO7X Isometric Exerciser

Recently there has been one or two new TV commercials advertising isometric tv exercise equipment.

This isometric TV exercise equipment is making many guys curious about using iso-tension to build muscle size and strength.

Read this article and discover why there is SO much fuss over isometric tv exercise equipment!

If you are not familiar with isometrics (iso-tension) it is a widely known form of exercise using strength or resistance training. It involves using a static hold for approximately 7 to 10 seconds to build incredible strength.

The True Benefit of Isometric TV Exercise Equipment.

The true benefit of isometric exercise equipment is its ability to utilize both isotonic and isometric training exercises. Recently, some new players other than Bullworker and the Bully Xtreme have entered the market.

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They are now offering an isometric device. This recent addition is called… ISO7X.

In reality, this is just a copy of the 1970s exerciser called the… Tensolator.

Since the Tensolator was invented, there have been many improvements in the design of this incredible piece of isometric tv exercise equipment . Unfortunately, the Iso 7X did’nt take advantage of any of these.

The most notable improvement is the use of a two tube system in isometric tv exercise equipment.

Gert F Kolbel, the original inventor of the Tensolator, in the 1980s redesigned his isometric exerciser. In order to add more exercises and greater versatility he created the X5 model. This particular model used a three tube system.

The logic behind this was simply that, similar to dumbbells, he wanted each muscle to work independent of the other.

By using a three tube system, he was able to accomplish this. In all the compression (pushing in) exercises, the three tube exerciser is much better than any two tube system.

Why is that important? Because it allows you to create symmetrical muscular development. Look, isometrics is great at building strength. But you need to use isotonic training in order to get complete muscular development.

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Isometric TV Exercise Equipment and the Bullworker

Unfortunately, even the Bullworker X5 has problems to and they are the same problems that will plague the individuals that purchase the ISO7X isometric exerciser. What is that you might ask?

Well, both the Bullworker and the ISO7X utilize the training program that was developed in the 1960s. Neither of the two training programs are taking advantage of recent medical and scientific research that has revealed the secrets of how to build muscle fast.

Is Isometrics Exercise Equipment Like ISO7X Enough?

What are the secrets of isometric tv exercise equipment?

While isometrics alone is not enough. You must utilize training concepts such as muscle confusion, muscle stacking, progressive resistance, and others that have been used by fitness professionals to create muscular, powerful and ripped body’s in almost no time at all.

And you can do all this with isometric tv exercise equipment.