Daniel Craig James Bond workout

James Bond Workout – How To Get Ripped Like A Spy

The James Bond workout is an exciting and result producing exercise protocol that was given by Daniel Craig’s personal trainer for him to use in order to build a muscular yet ripped physique. If you are looking to increase your muscle size and strength and still have six pack abs – – then, this article will help you accomplish that.

A few individuals around the Internet are saying that Daniel Craig has the ideal male body. Others, would argue that Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club had the ideal physique.

James Bond Workout Produces Greater Muscle Size

However, it has been several years since the movie “Fight Club” came out and having either body would be an improvement for most individuals.

How To Setup Your Own James Bond Workout

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Here’s what’s really different about using the Daniel Craig James Bond workout.

The difference between the two physiques that the Daniel Craig Workout produced and Brad Pitt’s body is that Craig is carrying much more muscle mass.

Pitt did a great job in dieting however, his legs are always too skinny and he just doesn’t have any real muscle size.

He looks lean but not powerful!

However, if you’re looking to develop a physique that resembles Brad Pitt in the movie — Fight Club, then I would recommend a low carbohydrate diet and focus on cardiovascular training.

If on the other hand you’re looking more for a James Bond workout then cut back on the cardio and train heavier than you would if you were following the Fight Club Workout.

How to Eat To Gain Muscle Size

Before the filming of the movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig revealed in an interview that he was following a high-protein diet. Let’s contrast that with the diet that Brad Pitt followed for Fight Club.

Brad Pitt was on the Zone Diet.

If you are not familiar with the Zone Diet, here’s how it works. First of all, it only allows 30% of your caloric intake to come from protein. Of course, you also need to keep your fat intake low as well as your carbohydrate consumption.

For the James Bond workout you should increase your protein intake to 50% of your total calories. Of course, you need to cut back on carbohydrates and on your fats.

James Bond the Spy Needs to Eat More Calories Than Tyler Durden

James Bond Workout Routine

Let’s not get confused, Brad Pitt’s body fat levels were extremely low due to his Fight Club Workout. It has been rumored that his body fat was as low as 4%!

On the other hand, James Bond “Daniel Craig” body fat levels were closer to 7%.

While both of these levels of body fat are difficult to obtain, it is possible. Looking at both bodies you can easily determine that in the James Bond Workout you need to eat more calories.

It ‘s suggested, that Daniel Craig consumed six meals per day. These meals were high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

In order to get all of protein that he needed on a daily basis Craig drank 2 to 3 protein shakes per day. Each day he would have six meals. Three of these meals were comprised of “real food” and the other three were combination of whey protein shakes and protein bars.

By using supplements, it made it easier to consume the proper amount of protein that he needed in order to grow and at the same time stay lean.

Consequently, if you’re looking to develop a body like Brad Pitt, you would need to take in less calories and perform more cardiovascular training. More than likely he still ate six meals per day, just smaller portions.

And, if you’re looking to follow this diet (Brad Pitt’s) you need to make salads and protein shakes your best friends.

Low Intensity Cardiovascular Training

For a Fight Club Body you absolutely need to get your body fat down below 6%.

The best way to do this is to utilize a workout program that incorporates “High Intensity Interval Training.” For the James Bond workout, you can stick with moderate to low intensity cardiovascular training. You don’t need to spend more than 30 to 45 minutes per day on the treadmill.

However, if you reach a sticking point you may need to add high intensity interval training to your cardiovascular program in the short term just to blast through the plateau.

All in all, whichever body style you prefer you can achieve them. All it takes is dedication, commitment, a little bit of knowledge and you too can have a ripped and muscular body just like James Bond!