BioTrust Free Shipping Ends

Just wanted to give you a last minute heads up, the Biotrust F.REE shipping promotion is ending. If you haven’t taken advantage of this deal please take a moment and look at it.

I’ve taken the liberty of listing some of their other incredible products.

Let me apologize in advance if this email comes off too “salesy.” Please keep in mind that I really believe in these products and know that if you will add them to your diet they will help you achieve your fitness goals.

With that in mind, take a moment now to look at some of these breakthrough products.

NOTE: The BioTrust Nutrition site-wide FREE shipping special ends in just a few hours.  There are no weight limits, so stock up and enjoy the savings!  Details on their first 4 all-natural premium products are below…free shipping applies to everything site-wide.For complete details on my favorite BioTrust products, along with a ton of free fat-burning tips, see below:

FREE Shipping Ends In Hours!

1. LeptiBurn® – The ONLY scientifically backed supplement on the market specifically designed to increase leptin sensitivity and stabilize leptin levels while dieting.

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2. IC-5™ – A unique blend of 5 researched-backed, hard-to-come-by ingredients that have been shown to increase insulin sensitivity, manage blood sugar and partition carbohydrates to be stored in muscle, not fat.

==> WARNING: Do NOT Eat Another Carbohydrate Until You Watch This Short Video

3. BCAA Matrix™ – Lose Fat, Not Muscle! BCAA Matrix™ is a completely revolutionary Branched Chain Amino Acid product that uses 3 forms of BCAAs (free form, ethyl esters, and peptide bonded BCAAs) and 3 different absorption pathways to literally be the most potent, most absorbable Branch Chain Amino Acid product on the market.

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4. BioTrust Low-Carb™ – This is BioTrust’s all-natural time-released protein blend that includes a 25/25/25/25 mix of 4 unique fast and slow digesting proteins. It’s stevia-sweetened and sourced from cows not treated with dangerous growth hormones, all while tasting great and being high in fiber and low in carbs.  Every order also includes a FREE BioTrust Blender Bottle!

==> AVOID these 6 ingredients in your protein shakes

Join us in celebrating BioTrust Nutrition’s Grand Opening with FREE shipping site-wide to the US and Canada, and 1/2 price shipping anywhere else in the world!

FREE Shipping Ends In Hours!

Talk soon!

Frank Sherrill

P.S. This ONE supplement will change the weight loss industry FOREVER