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“Think and Grow Rich – Secrets Of Olympic Champions”

(How they can help you reach your weight loss or fitness goals!)

Why are some men and women able to achieve Olympic glory while most of us struggle to reach our weight loss or fitness goals?

The dedication and commitment that Olympic athletes have to have in order to become Olympic champions is awe-inspiring

These men and women are capable of dedicating extreme focus on one goal. Winning an Olympic gold medal. They have to sacrifice and train long hours for many, many years before they can finally even earn a spot on the US Olympic team or their own countries Olympic teams.

Once there, they have to continue training in order to win against the best athletes in the world.


I would imagine that this takes great deal of dedication and motivation.

And this is what I want to talk to you about today…

I’m sure that everyone hear is familiar with Michael Phelps and his Olympic victory in Beijing China. He set a new world record by winning 8 gold medals (5 of those medals were in individual events. )

In reading his autobiography “No Limits” I was able to get a better understanding of what it truly takes to be an Olympic champion.

Michael began swimming at the age of seven. And by the time he was in sixth grade he was diagnosed with ADHD. At first he didn’t like putting his face in the water. So Ms. Kathy (his coach at that time) told him that he could use the backstroke. Michael was a big complainer and whiner but she forced him to learn every single swim stroke that was on the practice plan.

He was also constantly picked on and he often would go into full out tantrums. He felt that this was all due to the fact that he just wanted to fit in with the older kids. He wanted to be acknowledged. And even at this young age he had a dream.

He wanted to win an Olympic gold medal

Of course, he had no idea of the demands and sacrifices that achieving this goal would demand of him and his family.

It was at this point in his life that Bob Bowman became his coach and surrogate father. What impressed Bob about Michael was not anything physical it was his strong competitive drive. Not just in the pool but in just about anything.

Bob also discovered that Michael could also be motivated not only by winning but also by improving strokes, improving his times, etc. (it’s not always about the big goals sometimes it’s just focusing on the little things that makes goal accomplishment easy :-)

Bob would often repeat to him “Are you going to wait until after you win your gold medal to have a good attitude?” No he would say… You’re going to have the right mental attitude now and go from there. You’re going to be an Olympic champion in attitude long before there’s a gold medal around your neck Michael.

It was Bob Bowman that started him on setting swimming goals. What impressed me the most about reading this book was when they asked Michael the question “hey Michael what you doing for your birthday – – Michael responded – – after my workout I’m going to go home and eat some cake.” 

It’s this dedication and willingness to pay the price that determines who is a champion not only in the Olympics but in life.


One of the techniques that Michael utilizes is visualization or mental rehearsal (as it’s also known. )

Phelps Visualizes different scenarios not just if everything goes right— but what he will do if something goes wrong. For example if his goggles break— or if his bathing suit tears.

Even Olympic gold medal to champion Bruce Jenner once said “You Have To Train Your Mind like You Train Your Body.”

“The two most important parts of setting goals are that you write them down and that you place them somewhere where you will see them every day.” This was the tip that speed skater Dan Jensen who won Olympic gold in 1994 told the author of the book Champion’s Mind… BY Dr. Gary Hall Sr.

“I usually recommend the bathroom mirror or refrigerator door, two places I know I will look every day.” When I was 16 years old training for my first Olympic Games my coach wrote out all my goal times down on top of the kickboard I was using everyday practice. I couldn’t escape seeing them but the results after executing the plan was that I made the Olympic team.”

So find your own personal kickboard. Whether you use a Post-it note next to your computer monitor or a reminder alert on your iPhone. The key is to make sure that your goal stay in the forefront of your mind.


Kayla Harrison is an American gold medal winner in judo. In 2012 she won the gold medal at the London Olympic games.

She’s also a survivor of sexual abuse.

Her coach Daniel Doyle was sexually abusing her for many years. In spite of dealing with the trauma of sexual abuse and the pressures of competing in a very aggressive sport like judo she has maintained a positive attitude and utilizes visualization as one of her secrets techniques that she uses in preparation for her competitions.

She uses visualization to get her herself mentally ready after she has gotten herself physically ready.

She sees herself on the day of competition. She has an entire visualization that starts with her waking up and eating her cereal and then taking the Olympic bus to the arena. On the bus she listens to her favorite music and repeats to herself “This Is My Day This Is My Purpose” over and over again. This statement is her mantra throughout this visualization— she know this is her day!!


In closing let me tell you an interesting story about an athlete who is not an Olympic gold medalist. This boxer is the only man who has ever broken the jaw of Mohammed Ali.

They call him “the jawbreaker”… Kenny Norton. 

Kenny was an outstanding athlete in high school. So much so that he participated in eight different track and field events. And he placed first in seven of them. Consequently they created the “Ken Norton rule” which limits high school athletes to no more than four track and field events.

Norton started boxing while he was in the Marine Corps. In fact, he became the best boxer to ever fight for the United States Marines. After the Marine Corps he turned professional and began boxing for a living. But as happens in many cases he suffered a brutal defeat right after “Ring Magazine” had profiled him as one of the top prospects in boxing.

He was devastated. Not only had he taken a beating but he had disappointed himself and many of his fans.It’s at this time that Norton was given a copy of the motivational book called Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (== click on that link for a FREE download of Think and Grow rich ) which as he states in his autobiography “Going the Distance” – – changed his life.

It happened just before he was going to fight Mohammed Ali. Norton was still a green fighter – – many felt he was overmatched in this fight. But Norton began reading “Think and Grow Rich” and before fighting Mohammed he went on a 14 fight winning streak – – and consequently defeated Mohammed Ali in 1973 what many consider a shocking victory.

Kenny Norton Knocking out Mohammed Ali

To quote from his autobiography Norton said that the final inspiration for his victory over Mohammed Ali – where these words from the book… “Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man but sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.”


My hope is that I have been able to motivate you with some stories and strategies from some of these top athletes to help you in your quest to accomplish all your goals this year.

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