Isometric Training Equipment

Myths about Isometric Exercises

A customer recently emailed me asking… “Why is Isometric Training Equipment more effective than doing isometrics without equipment?”

Isometric training equipment – Build Your Chest with This Chest Compression Isometric Exercise

Build Your Chest with This Chest Compression Isometric Exercise

Well, the answer lies in the fact that muscles grow because of “Progressive Resistance.” (I’m sure you’ve heard of that term.)

However, if you haven’t… then understand that progressive resistance simply means that each time you workout you attempt to add more resistance or weight to the exercise. This is a of any bodybuilding or isometric training program.

The Myth about Bodyweight Exercises

That is usually the problem with just bodyweight exercises.

For example, if you were to start doing body weight push-ups — after a while the number of push-ups that you could do would increase as you got stronger … right?

However, you’d no longer be increasing your strength but merely your athletic endurance.

That is why resistance training is much more effective than just doing body weight movements or exercises.

Bodyweight Exercises Vs. Isometrics

To make the push-ups harder use a stability ball, elevate your legs, put on a weighted vest, use resistance bands, or have someone place weights on your back.

All these strategies would be much more effective in building your chest strength and muscle size than just doing hundreds and hundreds of push-ups. Are you following me?

More important than that, if your goal is to gain muscle size and strength you’ll need to continually stress the muscles to “force” them to grow and that’s where the right isometric training equipment can be a great help.

However, if you are looking to build muscular endurance alone, than continue doing lots and lots of push-ups.

Nevertheless, don’t expect your chest, triceps and back muscles… to show any significant gains in size. For that you’ll need to use equipment and for greater strength gains I would focus on isometric training equipment.

So, with that being said let’s focus on some of the advantages of isometric training equipment over many other forms of weightlifting or bodybuilding machines.

The Advantages Are As Follows

1. More Exercises:

With an inexpensive portable isometric exerciser you can easily do more than 80 health club quality type exercises.

The advantage of having a variety of exercises to perform is that you will never get bored with your workouts — plain and simple.

Moreover, with a larger selection of exercises you will be able to select different movements so that your muscles will not become accustomed to these exercises (that is the principle of muscle confusion.)

2. More Resistance:

In order for your muscles to grow you must be able to add more resistance to the exercises. This is almost impossible with free hand isometrics.

Free hand isometrics do have their place — when you are in your car, you can perform some isometric exercises. However, portable isometric exercisers such as the Bully Xtreme or the Tensolator can easily be taken anywhere.

Isometrics is great for building strength however, (as Bruce Lee noted in his book “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”) — you need to perform isotonic training in order to grow muscle size.

A combination of both types of training will yield the best results.

3. Measure Your Strength Gains:

Build a Massive Chest With This Chest Isometric Exercise

Build a Massive Chest With This Chest Isometric Exercise

One of the major advantages of isometric training equipment is how easy it is to measure your strength gains with this type of machine or device.

However, this is not the case with free hand isometrics. You will have to figure out some way to test your strength.Not an easy task by any means.

While you may think that the ability to test your strength is not a big deal, it certainly is. If you do not see yourself making gains, you will find it easy to quit training altogether.

4. Able to Train Using Isotonics and Isometrics:

One of the key advantages to isometric training equipment such as… the Bully Xtreme, the Tensolator, Everlast Power Bow, Rio power worker, and even the Bullworker… is that you can train with them using both isometrics and isotonic training.

Isometrics is generally considered one of the best ways to increase strength. However, using just isometrics will not yield muscle mass or great muscle definition.

For that, you will need to do repetitions of the exercise.

Isometric Training Equipment Is Low in Cost

These are just some of the advantages of using isometric training equipment. Most isometric gyms are low in cost and can be taken anywhere.

For just a few dollars, you can almost guarantee that you will get the body of your dreams and reach all your fitness goals.

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I hope this article has at least piqued your curiosity about utilizing isometric training equipment in your bodybuilding workout.